The Scouting Combine Showcase


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"The showcase was a great experience playing against all kinds of players from all over. Lots of great talent and great guys. Great opportunity to showcase yourself to make it to the next level! "

Josh Blanchard - Penticton Vees; BCHL


“The Coastal Hockey Showcase was a great experience. The exposure greatly benefited me. I was able to showcase my talent to a large number of scouts from many organizations. The camp was well run and I enjoyed it. It was competitive and fun.”

Eric Roberts - Chilliwack Chiefs


“First off I would like to thank all the scouts and volunteers that worked hard to put on a great showcase for all of us. This years coastal showcase was a new experience for me. It was amazing being able to show the scouts what I can do as a hockey player but its great motivation when you have high-end coaches on the bench giving you pointers as well. I learned what it takes to be an elite athlete and a good person at the coastal showcase weekend.”

Devon Toews - Surrey Eagles; BCHL


“I really enjoyed the showcase experience.  It was well run and organized.  Being from Alberta I wasn't sure about the program but wanted to have some exposure in B.C.  I ended up getting invited to a camp that I would not have else wise.

The NCAA session was informative, and I would go back again.”

Jared D'Amico - Okotoks Oilers; AJHL


"Last Year i participated in the Coastal Hockey Showcase in Penticton BC.  I enjoyed the time there playing in front of the many scouts that viewed the games.  I also was very pleased to have the NCAA and Junior A coaches right there on the bench teaching and coaching throughout the games.  The Showcase was a great opportunity for me to show myself off to new viewers.  Throughout the showcases i found the seminars very beneficial.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Coastal Showcase"  

Nolan Marshall- Camrose Kodiaks; AJHL


" The program you have set up for players coming up through minor hockey and Junior is one that has helped me play Jr. A hockey. As a player I have had the opportunity to showcase my skills and abilities to top teams whether junior or college. In addition to that I have had the experience of playing under pressure knowing that every move I make on the ice is being scrutinized by scouts in the stands, this helped me to learn how to play under pressure and turn that pressure into motivation. It has been an awesome experience I will never forget, and I will recommend the camp to any hockey player looking to pursue a serious hockey career''

Josh Cook - Loydminster Bobcats; AJHL


"The camp was hard but well worth it.  There was lots of good and up and coming talent.  It was great to see the number of scouts. Overall the weekend was well run.  It was great to have a goalie session. It was very intense but enjoyable. Joey was strict but made it fun at the same time. I would definitely recommend this camp to others"

Alex Orth


"Attending the Coastal Hockey Showcase last year in Penticton BC was a great experience for me. I was able to meet and talk with Junior A and NCAA coaches and scouts and shortly after attending the showcase received an invitation to the BCHL Surrey Eagles Main Camp. I would recommend the Coastal Hockey Showcase to anyone that wants to move up to play Junior and College Hockey."

Andy Salazar


“Thank you for the invitation to play in this event this past weekend. It was an awesome experience to play with all the players from different teams and places. I learned a lot, made new friends and contacts, and had a lot of fun playing in high caliber games. Thanks again for the opportunity and I hope I have the same chance next time around.”

Chris Osellame


“I have never played in front of so many scouts since the MML Allstar game, having the high quality coach's from the BCHL behind the bench gives you an idea of what it would be like to play for them.”

Brock Wellicome


“Thank you for the evaluation report, it was a great showcase; and I appreciate the hard work and organization that went in to this.”

Chris McDonald


“I attended last year’s Coastal Hockey Showcase and I was impressed. It exposed me to a lot of scouts and really helped me get to the JR hockey level. The showcase was very well run and I highly recommend it to any player wanting to get excellent exposer to scouts from all JR levels.”

Ryan Waldhaus


“Not only was The Coastal Hockey Showcase was a great measuring stick, for me to see where I was at.  But it was also an excellent opportunity to get exposed to countless scouts and coaches at the next level”

Connor Barrie


“I really enjoyed my weekend in BC. Thanks for the great experience! Doug Crashley from Crash Conditioning encouraged me to attend the 2011 Coastal Hockey Showcase. I wanted to show my strengths on the ice and get some exposure. I really liked the feedback I got from the coaches and scouts on the bench.”

TJ Cunningham


“Coastal Hockey Showcase was a great experience for me. Knowing that you have all these teams watching you drove me to work ever harder, and it pays off by teams wanting to talk with me. The coaches on the bench gave lots of feedback and gave out pointers. I learned more about NCAA hockey through the seminar. Overall it was fun and a great learning experience.”

Josh Rasmussen


"Playing in the 2011 Coastal Showcase has been a great experience for me. The calibre of the players was excellent and the talent on each team was well balanced. This made for some very close and competitive games. What was exciting for me was seeing so many scouts in the stands during my games. I started receiving calls and invites to camps in less than a day after the Showcase was over. Thank you Coastal Hockey Showcase for giving me the opportunity to play in such a well organized event".

Chris Skeates